1. Valiant for the Truth of God – produced by Purity Films in 2012 (30 mins)

“Valiant for the Truth of God” is a Christian drama film emphasizing the importance of salvation through Christ alone.

When Amanda sees her friend Peter being led astray by the enticings of evil, she takes a spiritual stand. With the help of Sarah, who counsels her to trust in God, she leads Peter to Christ and thwarts the sinful plans of Simon. Peter’s only hope is to trust in Christ for salvation from sin.

2. Multiple fulfillment of Bible prophecy

A new book written by Matthew Verschuur and Craig Savige on Bible prophecy covering the prophecies of Daniel, the Olivet Discourse and Revelation. The focus of this book is to tie together past, present and future fulfilments of Bible prophecy using the traditional Protestant view as the basis.

It is co-authored by Matthew Verschuur who was the copyeditor of the electronic text of the standard edition of the King James Bible (the Pure Cambridge Edition) and Pastor Craig Savige of Victory Faith Centre.

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